Legal notice and disclaimer

Acceptance of terms and conditions

The services which are provided by PRAMAC are subject to the following conditions of use. PRAMAC reserves the right to update the conditions of use at any time without prior notice.

Description of the services

Through website, PRAMAC allows the user to access a wide range of resources, services, download areas and information about the products (collectively named "Services"). The Services included eventual updates and new features available on the website are subject to conditions of use.

Limitation to personal and non-commercial use

Save otherwise stated, the Services are for personal and non-commercial use. The user is not authorized to change, double, distribute, transmit, perform, reproduce, publish, license, transfer, sell or create stuff connected to any information, software, product or service obtained and derived from website.

Privacy and protection of personal information

The methods of acquisition and treatment of personal data are described in the informative document "protection of privacy".

Communication related to available information in this website

Each information which is made available through the Services is a work covered by copyright of PRAMAC and/or relative suppliers. PRAMAC can provide software products, documentation, support information and instruments and technical assistance for downloading, among the services offered by PRAMAC does not give any warranty related to the accuracy and the consequences of the use of such resources. The user has to respect the intellectual property rights of such resources.

Communication about information and documentation available in this website

The user is authorized to use the Documentation (technical specifications, news, press releases and frequently asked questions) which is available in the Services, with the following conditions: (1) the copyright communication is present in every copy and it is accompanied by this authorization, (2) the use of this Documentation is intended only with informative and non-commercial purpose or for personal use and that the above-mentioned Documentation is not copied or published on any network computer or broadcasted via any communication channel; and finally (3) no changes must be made in any part of the Documentation. The accredited didactic centres, as primary and secondary didactic institutes, public or private high schools and the universities, can download and reproduce the Documentation for the distribution inside the centre. The distribution outside the centre requires a prior written authorization. The use of any other purpose is expressly forbidden by the in-force law and it can cause serious civil and penal sanctions. The infringers will be persecuted in the maximum measure allowed by the in-force law.

The above-mentioned Documentation does not include the structure or the layout of PRAMAC website or of any other website developed, licensed, managed or owned by PRAMAC. The constitutive elements of PRAMAC website are protected by commerce agreement, by laws on trademarks and unfair competition and cannot be copied or entirely or partially imitated. No logo, graphic element, sound or image taken from a PRAMAC website can be copied or broadcasted again without express authorization.

PRAMAC and/or related suppliers do not release any declaration concerning the adequacy of the information included in the Documentation and in the graphics published in the scope of Services for any purpose. The Documentation and the related graphics are provided "as they are" without any warranty. With this note PRAMAC and/or related suppliers do not recognize any implicit or legal warranty or condition, suitability for a certain purpose, ownership and non-violation of others’ rights. In any case PRAMAC and/or the related suppliers will be responsible for special, direct, indirect, consequential damages or for other damages of any kind resulting from the loss of the right of sue, loss of information or missed income, may they result from the fulfilment of the License Agreement, by negligence or by other damaging actions, coming or in any way related to the use or the performances of information which is available in the scope of the Services.

The Documentation and the related graphics published inside website can include technical inaccuracies or typographical mistakes. The above-mentioned information is subject to periodical changes. PRAMAC and/or related suppliers can make improvements or changes to the products, to the Software or the Documentation at any time.

Information about the services available in this website

In any case PRAMAC and/or related suppliers will be responsible for special, indirect, consequential damage or for other damage of any kind resulting from the loss of the right of sue, loss of information or missed income, may they result from the fulfilment of the License Agreement, by negligence or by other damaging actions, coming or in any way related to the use or the performances of information which is available in the scope of the Services.

User profile, password and protection

If the access to one of the Services requires the creation of a user profile, it is necessary to complete the registration process by specifying in the provided registration form updated, complete and accurate information. Moreover a password and a user name must be chosen. It is responsibility of the user to guarantee the privacy of their own password and profile. Moreover the user is responsible of any and eventual activity performed while using their own profile. The user finally accepts to notice immediately PRAMAC about any unauthorized use of their own profile or other possible protection violations. PRAMAC will not be considered responsible for possible loss of the user coming by the use of password or user profile by others, independently from the fact that the user knows about them. Anyway, the user can be considered responsible for the losses of PRAMAC or of another party because of the use of their own profile or password by other users.

Unlawful or forbidden use

As condition for the use of the Services, the user will not use the Services for any purpose which is unlawful or forbidden by these terms, conditions and communications. The user is not authorized to use the Services in any way which can damage, deactivate, overload or prejudge a PRAMAC server o the networks connected to a PRAMAC server, nor interfere with the use and the fruition of the Services by other eventual subjects. The user will not be allowed to act in a unauthorized way to the Services, to other user profiles, to computers or networks connected to a PRAMAC server or to one of the Services through abusive entering, falsification of the password or other means. The user will not be allowed to obtain or try to obtain any material or information through any mean which is not intentionally made available by the Services.

Use of the services

The Services can include interaction with areas of "forum", "community", "blog", web pages of private people and/or other instruments of communication (collectively named "Services of Communication") designed for allowing the user to communicate with other users, with the staff of PRAMAC and/or of the related suppliers. The users agree to use the Services of Communication exclusively for publishing, sending and receiving messages or suitable stuff and, when it applies, pertinent to the specific Service of Communication. For instance, during the use of the Services of Communication the user accepts not to:
  1. Use the Services of Communication in relation to surveys, competitions, sending of unsolicited mails or of possible double or unsolicited (commercial or of other kind) messages.
  2. Defame, abuse, usurp, risk, menace or otherwise infringe legal rights, e.g. the rights related to privacy and advertisement, of other users.
  3. Publish, distribute or disclose topics, name, material or unsuitable, profane, defamatory, obscene, indecent or illegal information.
  4. Make available files containing images, pictures, software or other material protected by laws on intellectual property, including, for instance, copyright or trademark laws (or for privacy or advertising rights), save if the user owns or manages the rights related to them or received the necessary authorization to do it.
  5. Transmit files containing virus, damaged files or other analogue software or programs which could damage the operation of the computer of another user or the property of another user.
  6. Advertise or offer to sell or purchase goods or services for any commercial purpose, save if the Services of Communication explicitly consent such purpose.
  7. Download files published by another user of the Service of Communication which the user knows, or should reasonably know, they are not allowed to legally reproduce, view, execute and/or distribute with such methods.
  8. Forge or delete information related to the managing of copyright, as property attributions, legal communications or of other kind or designation of original property of the software or of other material contained in a file which is transmitted.
  9. Limit or forbid the use of the Services of Communication to other users.
  10. Infringe any conduct code or other guidelines which may be applicable to a certain Service of Communication.
  11. Collect information on other users, including their e-mail addresses.
  12. Create a false identity with the intention to deceive other users.
  13. Use, download or otherwise double or provide (also with payment) a physical person or a juridical person with list of users of the Services or other information about the users and about the use or a part of it.
  14. PRAMAC reserves the right to review the material published in the Services of Communication and to remove such material at its only discretion. Moreover PRAMAC reserves the right to discontinue the access of the user to all Services of Communication, or part of them, at any time without prior notice and for any reason.
  15. PRAMAC reserves the right to disclose at any time any information which is considered necessary for satisfying possible applicable laws, norms, legal proceedings or government requests or to change, refuse to publish or remove, entirely or partially, material or information, at its only discretion.
PRAMAC suggests the user to pay always attention when they provide information which allows personal identification in the scope of a Service of Communication. PRAMAC does not expressly recognize any responsibility related to the Services of Communication and to possible actions resulting from the participation of the user to the Services of Communication. Users of the Services of Communication are not authorized PRAMAC representatives, nor their opinions necessary reflect those of PRAMAC.

The material published in the scope of the Services of Communication can be subject to limitations about use, reproduction and/or disclosing and the user has the responsibility to cling to the above-mentioned limitations in case they benefit from such material.

Material provided to PRAMAC or published in a website owned by PRAMAC

PRAMAC does not claim the property of the material provided by the user (including possible comments and suggestions), nor of the material published or sent to any Service or to combined services for the view of generic public or members of public or private communities (collectively named "Publications"). Anyway, through the publication, the uploading, the sending or the providing ("Inserting") of the Publication, the user grants PRAMAC, its affiliates and necessary suppliers, the authorization to use the Publication in relation to the leading of Internet activities (including, for instance, all Services), including, without limitation, license rights of: copying, distributing, transmitting, viewing and publicly performing, reproducing, modifying, translating and paging their own Publication, as well as publishing the name of the user in relation to the Publication and granting such rights to possible Service suppliers.

No compensation will be given to the user in relation to the use of the Publication, as provided with this document. PRAMAC is not obliged in any way to publish or use possible Publications provided by the user and is authorized to remove such Publication at any time and at its only discretion.

Through the Inserting of a Publication, the user declares and guarantees to own or otherwise control all rights related to the Publication as described in these Conditions of Use including, without limitation, all necessary rights for the user of providing, inserting, uploading, publishing or sending the Publications.

Beside the above-mentioned declaration and the guarantee, through the Inserting of a Publication containing images, pictures, illustrations or other graphic elements entirely or partially ("Images"), the user declares and guarantees (a) to own the copyright of such Images or to have received by the copyright owner of such Images the authorization to use such images or the contents and/or the images contained in them in compliance to the methods and purposes previously established for the use by the user and as otherwise allowed by these Conditions of Use and by the Services, (b) to have the necessary rights for concede the licenses described in these Conditions of Use and (c) that possible people represented in such Images have given the consent to use the Images as affirmed in these Conditions of Use, including, for instance, distribution, public visualization and reproduction of the above-mentioned Images. Through the Inserting of Images, the user concedes (a) to all members of their own private community (for each of the above-mentioned Images, which is available for members of such private community) and/or (b) to the generic public (for each of the above-mentioned Images, which is available in any point of the Services, which is not a private community) the authorization to use such images in relation to the use, granted by these Conditions of Use, of any of the Services, (including, for instance, the realization of prints and article containing such Images) and including, for instance, a non-exclusive, universal, free license which authorizes to: copy, distribute, transmit, view and publicly perform, reproduce, edit, translate and page the Images without the name of the user connected to the above-mentioned Images; moreover to concede as license such rights to possible suppliers of the Services. The licenses conceded according to what is previously described in relation to the Images will become void in the moment in which the user removes completely the above-mentioned Images from the Services, with the condition that such resolution does not affect possible licenses granted in relation to the above-mentioned Images before the complete removing of the Images by the user. No compensation will be given to the user in relation to the use of the Images.

Link to third party websites

Possible links to third party websites allow exiting website. The websites to which such links connect are not under the control of PRAMAC, therefore PRAMAC is not responsible for their contents or for possible further links contained in them, for possible changes or updates in the above-mentioned websites. PRAMAC provides the links for practicality reasons and the inserting of the above-mentioned links does not imply any approval from PRAMAC of the correspondent websites.

Politics about the treatment of unsolicited materials sent by the user

PRAMAC or its employees will not accept, nor take into consideration any unsolicited material containing ideas, designs of advertising communication, promotion, marketing, new products or product name, technologies, processes and material. We beg the user not to send creative material if not expressly solicited and/or provided by one or more Services. The only purpose of this politics is to avoid potential misunderstandings if any activity, product or service of PRAMAC is reportable to one of more unsolicited materials sent by the user. If the user decides to send anyway unsolicited material, PRAMAC does not release any guarantee related to the treatment of such materials or to the recognizing of the property of the same.


All trademarks or registered product names mentioned inside the software, documentation and services of communication are property of the respective owners.

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